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Improve WordPress admin pages : add the post thumbnail in the posts columns

By default, WordPress does not display post-thumbnails in the post list columns. This tutorial will teach you how to add the post thumbnail in the post columns.

The WordPress authors page template

If you never created an authors page in your WordPress templates, then this tutorial is the one you need. Learn how to create an author page with Latest Posts and Bio.

Loading javascipt in WordPress : may the Force be with you

What is the common point between WordPress javascript implementation and Star Wars? Well. No idea. But Scribu has made the perfect guide for learning how to load javaScript in WordPress. You will learn 4 javaScript implementation technics to fight the […]

Integrate an HTML5 music player in your WordPress site

HTML5 introducted new ways to display audio and video media files. In this wptuts tutorial, you will learn how to integrate an html5 audio player in your WordPress website with an admin to manage the playlist. Check out the demo […]

Display an admin notice in your WordPress theme for required plugins

When creating WordPress themes, you might be using some existing plugins. It’s a good habit to have to not always reinvent what works well. For example, pagenavi is working very fine to enhance page navigation. Another exemple is the social […]

How to add tabs in your WordPress theme setting page

In a previous post, we saw how to create an option page in the WordPress admin. Today, you will learn how to add tabs to that page. In this Smashing Magazine tutorial, you will learn how to add as many […]

Customize WordPress default emails

In this Smashing Magazine tutorial you will learn how to customize the WordPress default emails : the ones that WordPress sends when creating an account or retreaving an email. Create your own plugin and send nicer emails!  

Are shortcodes the best solution for your WordPress theme?

“My theme include 999 shortcodes! You can do everything with just a few lines of code!” I see many WordPress themes like this in themes selling points such as Themeforest and wonder if this is a good habit to have… […]

A guide to WordPress Multisite : Functions and Methods

In this Smashing Magazine article you will learn a lot about WordPress multisite implementation with concrete exemples and functions. Why should you use the multisite functionality? How to work with it?  

How to be a better WordPress templates developer

Smashing Magazine‘s article “Building WordPress Themes You Can Sell” gives concrete exemples of what to do if you want to sell WordPress themes. From the user base creation to the key features to include in a WordPress theme, you can […]